Sandisk Pen Drive Price 2013

Sandisk is a well recognized global supplier of flash drives or USB pen drives. Sandisk in India has so far launched a set of USB storage devices with sleek design and style that match the requirements of students, professionals, teachers and others. The most popular Sandisk pen drive series in India are Cruzer Blade, Cruzer Edge, Pop, Facet and Ultra backup, which differs mainly in its design and software included. All come under 2-5 year limited warranty schemes and attractive pricing.So what are the differences between Sandisk Cruzer Edge, Ultra Backup, Pop, Facet, Fit and Sandisk Cruzer Blade Pen drives? That could be your question while selecting one from these variants.

Sandisk Cruzer POP

SanDisk Cruzer POP

The San disk POP is an ultra-thin pen drive that comes in three trendy designs, Checkboard, Paint and Tribal. This device is so thin that you can zip it inside your purse to tight jeans if required. The Cruzer POP has USB 2.0 support for faster data transfers.

Sandisk Cruzer POP price in 2013: 4GB-220, 8GB-290, 16GB-510 INR.

San Disk Cruzer Blade

SanDisk Cruzer Blade

The Cruzer blade is probably is the most commonly bought SanDisk pen drive in India. It is available in Black and Red shades and has a well-known design as shown above. This USB 2.0 device has SanDisk Secure Access embedded into it, and is known for pretty good read/write speeds.

SanDisk Cruzer Blade pendrive price in India: 4GB-225, 8GB- 280, 16GB-500, 32GB-920 INR.

SanDisk Cruzer Edge

San Disk Cruzer Edge

Available in Red, Blue and Pink colors, the SanDisk Cruzer Edge has a push/retract enabled USB connector as shown above. Other features and storage options of the device is same as other pendrives.

SanDisk Cruzer Edge prices: 4GB-240, 8GB-310, 16GB-530 INR.

SanDisk Ultra Backup

SanDisk Ultra Backup

As the name indicates, San Disk Ultra Backup is intended to backup data from your computer in a comfortable way. It has a hardware button and software part that ease these actions. Insert the pen drive and hit the button-it will automatically move data from the backup folder to the USB drive. This series starts at 8GB and the highest storage available is 64GB.

Ultra Backup USB drive prices: 8GB-999,  32GB-3000 INR.

Sandisk Cruzer Facet

San Disk Facet Pen Drive

These are some specifically crafted USB disks for those who seek style and perfection. The San Disk Facet is available in three vivacious colors Ruby, Sapphire and Silver, and the frame of the product is made of stainless steel. The Cruzer Facet also has the same specifications of models mentioned above.

Sandisk Cruzer Facet latest pricing: 8GB-325, 16GB-580 INR.

SanDisk Cruzer Fit

The Cruzer Fit is one of the tiniest pendrives sold by SanDisk. This ultra-portable flash storage is the nicest example for what you call thumb drive, and its entire size is just a few millimeters larger than the regular USB connector. This is a good option if you are looking for a USB pen drive that has to be used in a difficult to access ports with lots of wires and all.

SanDisk Cruzer Fit price 2012: 4GB-260, 8GB-330, 16GB-550 INR.

San Disk USB Flash drives are USB 2.0 compatible and will work on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. One reason because of which we advocate SanDisk to everybody is the ” Secure Access ” software that is contained in every drive you purchase. It helps you create safe, password-protected folders in your pen drive so that you can share it with anyone without thinking a lot about privacy. A 2GB online storage is also included in the price of San Disk drives and can be activated after installing Secure Access on your computer.