Apple iPad price in India

The original Apple iPad was not the first tablet released in the global market, but it is considered as the most prominent device that triggered the post-PC  “tablet revolution” that is now at its peak. At the beginning when rumors appeared people were expecting Apple to ship a mobile version of the Mac OS X with the iPad, but Apple chose the already successful iOS instead. And the choice proved to correct later when millions of people come forward to buy the product despite the price. What makes the Apple iPad different from other similar products is the stylish design, and of course, the number of apps available in app store.

Each year Apple releases an improved version of the iPad. The latest iPad 4 was introduced in 2012, and the company has launched device here in India on December 2012.  Although the new iPad has been launched the old edition will continue to be available for purchase. The below given are the lowest prices at which an iPad is available in India.

Apple new iPad price 2013:

The quick introduction of the iPad 4 or the new iPad was a bit surprising, none expected Apple to launch an iPad update after six months launching iPad 3 (discontinued now). Many people now believe that the upgrade was just for introducing the lighting connector to the iPad community. Nonetheless, the brand new iPad packs a bunch of hardware improvements probably good for a fresh buyer.

iPad 4 back side

Apple new 2013 iPad







Apple iPad 4 retains the design of the old iPad 2 but its a huge upgrade in the hardware side. You might know that pixel density of a screen is something that defines its clarity, color rendering and quality. The iPad 4 takes you to a next level of visual experience with its revolutionary retina display that packs more pixels than a HDTV, that too in a 9.7″ (2048×1536 at 264 ppi) screen.  The device sports 4G connectivity options in supported networks and since Airtel launched the 4G LTE in 2012, we could  try this new feature of the iPad here in India. Apple expanded LTE bands in the 2013 iPad so that now it is compatible with more networks around the world. The 1.4 GhZ A6X  processor found in iPad 4 is nothing but an upgrade to the A6 (iPhone 5) processor with additional quad-core graphics. Apple iPad 4 has a 5 MP camera on back side and a 1.2 MP FaceTime camera on the front side; these cams are capable of recording 1080p and 720 HD videos respectively. Other features of the iPad 2013 model includes Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi, Micro SIM port, iOS 6.01 and Siri.

The new iPad 4 WiFi: 16GB ( 31500), 32GB( 37100), 64GB (42500) INR.

iPad 4 WiFi+4G current price : 16GB( 39000), 32GB (44999), 64GB (51200).

The discontinued iPad 3 models are still available for purchase in India. However, the pricing is not that impressive after the launch of iPad 4.

Apple iPad 2 price in India in 2013:

Apple iPad 2

The fruit company has dropped the prices of WiFi and 3G models of the iPad 2 and currently the tablet is being sold at a very affordable rate. Apple iPad 2  embodies a 9.5″ IPS multi-touch screen (1024×768 at 132 ppi), dual-core A5 processor, VGA camera supports 720 P HD video recording and is capable of running the latest iOS apps.

iPad 2 WiFi: 16GB( 22000), 32GB (24900), 64GB(30500) INR.

iPad 2WiFi+3G price: 16GB (26900), 32GB(30200), 64GB(33999). Prices updated on January 2013.

The iPad is the best tablet your hard-earned money can buy. We sure that you won’t regret investing such a huge amount for this device after using it.

Update: Apple announced iPad Mini prices in India.