Apple iPad mini price 2013-WiFi or 3G in 16, 32 and 64GB options

Apple enjoys a lion’s share of the credit for popularizing the tablet culture in the world countries including India. The iPad is the number-one tablet computer at all times since its launch, however, lately the gadget has started facing severe competition from cheap to high-end Android tablets manufactured by Samsung, Asus, and other Google OEMs. The swift growth in the demand for the Android range is because of the size and price variations at which these devices are available. Apple and late CEO Steve Jobs used to decline the possibility of releasing a smaller iPad, but now it seems that they have changed their mind- the launch of the iPad mini proves that.

Apple iPad mini

Apple iPad mini

Whats makes the iPad mini different from other tablets in India?

As the name reads, iPad mini is a tinier version of the original iPad, but it is a way different from the predecessor in the design methodology followed- it is lighter and almost thin as a pencil. At the time of the release of the iPad, Apple created a totally new section in app store just for the iPad alone, and at present it has around three lakh apps listed. The screen of the iPad mini (136 ppi) measures 7.9 ” diagonally (the exact opposite 9.7 ” for iPad) and has the same resolution of current iPad models, which is 1024×768 pixels. Therefore, all existing iPad store apps will work on iPad mini without producing any black spaces in corners. Apple during the introductory presentation stressed much on the app compatibility of the iPad mini, and they’ve compared it with Nexus 7, which is a new Google tablet made by Asus.

iPad mini price

ipad mini back camera










The issue with Android is that most of the non-Google apps doesn’t have a tablet friendly UI, and customers have to use the stretched phone version on their devices. The build quality of iPad mini is so outstanding that cannot be equated with the plastic-covered Android tablets around. The iPad mini is available Black (Anodized Aluminum) and Silver-white colors- the edges of the device are diamond polished and has a chromish appearance. On the sides you will notice the on-off switch, volume/shutter keys, 3.5 mm headphone jack, silent/screen-rotation lock key, sound vents, and the newly introduced lighting port intended for data transfer and charging. The camera of the iPad is 5MP, capable of recording 1080p HD videos and capturing high-quality pictures. There is also a FaceTime HD camera in the front side and is 1.2 MP as per spec sheet.

iPad mini camera

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Like the iPad, the new mini tablet is also available in 3G+WiFi and dual-band WiFi only variants. The 3G version can be easily identified by the black band in the rear side. The 3G equipped iPad mini also comes with limited 4G LTE connectivity, anyway you cannot make a voice call from this device. Other features of the Apple iPad mini include Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, iOS 6.0, dual core A5 processor, integrated PowerVR graphics chip, and a Nano SIM card slot for data connectivity.

Apple iPad Mini price in India 2013:

  • Apple iPad mini WiFi price: 16GB-21800, 32GB- 27500, 64GB-37900 INR.  (updated on March 2013)
  • Apple iPad Mini WiFi+3G price: 16GB-29500, 32GB-35499, 64GB-41200 INR.

Apple launched the mini iPad in India in last December, and the product now in 2013 is being sold via Apple resellers and online shopping sites at the prices mentioned above.